Community Festivals

Celebrate the rich traditions of your community’s culture…

The Immigration Museum collaborates with Victoria’s diverse multicultural communities to present a variety of community festivals each year.

Community festivals are developed through a process of community engagement and collaboration, steered by a Festival Planning Committee made up of museum staff and volunteer community representatives.

The festivals showcase cultural activities that continue to be practised or are viewed as having significant cultural meaning and value. These activities include, but are not limited to, music, dance, crafts and food.  Ideally, these activities reflect both traditional and contemporary elements of culture.

In the past, the museum has created festivals with a large number of specific ethnic or cultural communities, including German, Indonesian, Brazilian, Sudanese, and Lebanese.  Other festivals have brought together a variety of nationalities and ethnicities, such as the West African Festival and the Pacific Islander Festival. 

More recently, intercultural festivals have been developed based on a theme.  For example, the Sweets Festival was a collaboration between the museum and representatives from the Turkish, Mauritian, Italian, Indian, and Japanese communities of Victoria.  The extremely popular Melt Chocolate Festival involved Belgian, Mexican, and Portuguese-speaking communities.  In 2013, representatives of Victoria’s diverse Muslim communities came together to create the Islamic Arts Festival.

Photo from the Central American Festival, 2004

Hitting a piñata at the Central American Festival, 2004

Girls from Central American dance group Atlacatl, from El Salvador, June 2004