Community Cultural Festivals

Celebrate the rich traditions of your community’s culture…

The Immigration Museum presents three community cultural festivals per year. The festivals celebrate and promote Victoria’s rich cultural diversity. Festivals are developed and presented in partnership with representatives from a particular culturally diverse community and include contributions from organisations and individuals.

The festivals showcase the community’s cultural activities that continue to be practised or are viewed as having significant cultural meaning and value. These activities include, but are not limited to, music, dance, crafts and food.

Community leaders, groups and individuals are invited to form a committee to plan and promote the festival collaboratively with the Museum. This process helps ensure that the festivals are inclusive of all the diverse groups within the community.

How do we select Community Cultural Festivals?

The Community Reference Group comprising representatives from different community, academic and government organisations, former community exhibitors and Museum Victoria representatives selects three community groups for the year based on the following criteria:

  • Festivals must represent a range of communities, eg, established, semi-established and emerging
  • Festivals must represent a range of regions in relation to each other, in relation to past festivals and in relation to the size of migration from that region
  • Special celebrations i.e. 30 years of Vietnamese settlement, 400 years of Dutch contact etc
Photo from the Central American Festival, 2004

Hitting a piñata at the Central American Festival, 2004

Girls from Central American dance group Atlacatl, from El Salvador, June 2004