What the Community says

The festival allowed our community to share and celebrate our traditions with the wider community. Most importantly it provided an important forum for members of the community to work together on a project which instilled strong community pride.
Australian Arabic Council representative, 2003

The entire Polish Community of Victoria (I have seen people from Ballart, Gippsland, Geelong, Seymour and Benalla) has been extremely happy with the whole Festival. They were so happy and grateful that they already asked for more... Without you and your leading role it will not be possible. Everything worked perfectly and it was a great pleasure to see so many happy people being together and learning about themselves...
Organiser, Polish Festival, 2004

Once again, thank you for your support in this worthy event. Looking forward to working with you again in organising the festival to celebrate the 40 years of Vietnamese Refugee settlement in Victoria! I'll come back to the IM with some of our friends during this weekend to see the exhibition. Nhan Quyen, a Vietnamese newspaper, has published a great article about the exhibition/festival in this week’s issue.
Organiser, Vietnamese Festival, 2005

The opportunity to open the festival with a traditional Kava ceremony was a rather unique experience for the group. Some of the members had never even personally observed this ceremony, let alone being part of the group. There was some very real nervousness as a result of performing this ceremony on such a significant public occasion and doing it properly. Members of the group invited their work friends, and other Fijians along to see this presentation. They performed with dignity and sincerity.
Organiser, Pacific Islander Festival, 2006

One thing the organising committee had not really expected was the huge number of people who turned up! Some 2089 people came through the doors – apparently the largest attendance after the Polish festival with around 2500 visitors. They were not only people from Melbourne but many also came from country Victoria. A feather in the cap of the Immigration Museum’s publicity department! In spite of the crowds, the whole day ran smoothly and probably the biggest hiccup was that the ever-popular croquettes sold out in the first couple of hours!
Organiser, Dutch Festival, 2006

As representatives of our community, we sincerely appreciate and will be forever be grateful for your contributions in helping us make a difference!
Organiser, Mauritian and Rodriguan Festival, 2007

Photo from the Dutch Festival, 2006

Dutch Festival, 2006.

Armenian Festival, 2003

An Argentinian couple dance the Tango at the Immigration Museum, 2001