Creating Community Festivals

Festival Planning Committee

All aspects of the festival are planned and delivered by the Festival Planning Committee.  The committee is comprised of volunteer representatives from the relevant community, including representatives of community societies and organisations, individuals, elders, young people, and others, working alongside representatives from the Immigration Museum’s Education and Community Programs team.

Planning commences approximately 12 months before presenting the festival. 

The Participants – Performers and Demonstrators

The committee recommends suitable participants for the festival, for example, dance groups or crafts people. Where possible, all details of the participants are forwarded to the Programs Manager so that the recommended participant can be invited and sent a Letter of Engagement. Each participant will be paid a nominal fee. To receive the payment each participant must invoice the Museum by an agreed date. Total nominal fees (this amount includes preparation and participation in the entire day):

  • $80 – Craft demonstration, individual performer
  • $150 – Music, dance or other group

The Festival – Facilities and Services

Festivals are one-day events that occur generally on a Sunday from 11am – 4pm. Staff and volunteers from the Immigration Museum assist on the day. Generally, a marquee will be installed in the Festivals Courtyard to accommodate a range of activities and events.

There are a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces in the museum which can be used for talks, workshops, children’s activities, performances, food stalls, and more.  The museum also provides equipment such as tables, chairs, pinboards, bollards, signs, as well as a variety of essential safety gear.

Publicity for the festival

The Publicity Officer for the Immigration Museum will work with the Festival Planning Committee to find out what newspapers, radio stations or other organisations are the best promotional contacts for the community. The Publicity Officer will also write a media release for the festival and arrange for photographs to be taken for promotion if necessary. Ideally, community members will also provide photographs for use in media and promotion.

Marketing for the festival

The Marketing Manager of the Immigration Museum will also work with the Festival Planning Committee to determine the best ways to promote the festival. The Marketing Manager will help produce any paper and/or digital marketing assets (such as paper flyers, posters, or e-flyers) as well as produce any paid advertising (such as Facebook ads).


As community festival participants are not professionals, their participation in the festival is covered by the Museum’s public liability insurance.


The festivals are evaluated through a variety of methods. The Festival Planning Committee are also asked that after the festival they write a short evaluation of their experience and participate in a debrief session with the Education and Community Programs team.

Photo from the La Faya Festival, 2007

La Faya Festival, 2007.

Drummer at Central American Festival, 2004

Cook Islander dancers at the Pacific lslander Festival, 2006