Kevin Rudd's 2008 Apology to the Stolen Generations

After decades of political and public debate, the first act of the first sitting of the newly elected Federal Government on 12 February 2008 was the delivery of an official apology to the Indigenous peoples who were taken from families and communities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries in Australia. 

The statement by Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister 2007-2010, acknowledged and took responsibility for past government policies and actions.

Watch this video with a transcript.

What was your personal response to this moment in Australia’s political history? Did you find it an emotional experience? Did you agree or disagree with saying sorry? Did it affect you directly?

All I know is that this Sorry fiasco has not brought Australia together. It has divided this land and made people like myself, who used to have tolerant and empathic feelings towards Aboriginals, spitting mad. Rosemary, 2008

The PM's apology expresses my concern, empathy and desire that this will begin some psychological and spiritual healing. Joanne Gardiner, Melbourne, 2008

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J Bridle 21 May, 2013 14:42
I think this was a very important but long overdue apology to the members of the Stolen Generations and their families. I am very glad it was made, and I felt quite moved watching it and the many people who attended. However it does not go far enough. There is the question of reparation that needs to be addressed. AND So many of the recommendations of the Bringing them Home report remain to be achieved. Australians should be educated and helped to be aware of the need not to forget the trauma and injustice suffered by the members of the Stolen Generation at the hands of official policy and those who carried it out- SO THAT we can keep an eye on the progress towards healing via those recommendations, and make sure that it happens.
not known 29 May, 2013 13:43
i wonder how many people loved kevin Rudd's sorry speech
Kevin Rudd 1 April, 2014 14:38
i loved it to thanks you mat!!
Daniela 22 October, 2014 02:11
what do mean with that?? Do you mean you hate the speech?? I think it was time to say SORRY, but it doesn´t bring the children back to the Family. But it is also to late to say this, because the hole Generation aren´t alive. Today you can´t believe that children were stolen or can be stolen today. I loved this speech, because Kevin rudd spoke it with so much Feeling, that had to cry when i heard the speech or the first time.
elijah latrobe 31 July, 2013 13:02
I think that people should get some sort of benefits.
not know 16 August, 2013 11:39
I think it was a very glad speech and that was very important for the stolen generation and for their families.It's a dark part of the history of Australia but it was important to say sorry and to say we have done that,saddely but we have done.
Tori 20 August, 2013 21:29
i reckon this shouldve happened years ago but still a very moving speech.
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portiapossum 22 September, 2013 11:21
A very moving speech. how many times did he say sorry?
anon 9 October, 2013 12:53
this was a very important step in healing Australia
j reach 15 November, 2013 18:51
What happened was wrong but we should not have apologized for something that happened many years ago. it's not our mistake and should not be left to blame for it.
Alex 25 March, 2014 18:07
He actually did not apologise on the publics' behalf, so no one is making 'us' apologise. He apologised for the wrongdoing of the government, parliament, and the PMs past. Also for the problems with the laws created to have caused such issues in the first place. all the 'we' have to do is work as a nation towards reconciliation. :)
Spud Brown 3 July, 2014 10:26
Kevin is obviously a top bloke
NOONGA 3 July, 2014 10:24
Not known 22 October, 2014 02:12
I LOVE this speech
swegmoffun69 29 October, 2014 12:23
anonymous 25 November, 2014 09:48
i think that kevin rudd is a good man because of what he did. i mean no one else would have done that because they mightve thought that we shouldnt apologize for something that was done decades ago but the thing is, is that people such as the indigenous australians still live today and for them to hear that apology may mean alot to them because it was a time in history that shouldnt of happen but did.why cant people just accept and move on and live happy to the fullest and just remember, if it happened to you then you would
anonymous 5 February, 2015 15:43
go rudd guy!
Georgina Nicholson 12 February, 2015 11:50
To Alex, thankyou for making this much clearer to j reach, i like your response and it is spot on.. Reconciliation is the way to go:) In Unity..Aboriginal Elder..