Skin Colour

Are you happy and proud about your colour? Do you wish you could change your skin colour?


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Nick Stone 23 July, 2013 10:05
Only when I have a really good tan. Pale skin usually looks pasty and less attractive to me.
Tahbisa 25 August, 2013 10:23
yes lam but I wish for it to be smooth and glowing. I just want it to be refined apart form that lam very proud of my skin. people tell me its beautiful and soft so lam happy.
blackbird 25 August, 2013 23:09
the color of my skin is human, as is everyone else's. we should all be proud of that :D
No thanks 19 November, 2013 20:22
I think we should all be proud of our color no matter what we r all human
I just came to say hello 6 May, 2014 15:11
I think we should all be proud of our skin colour anyways i dont see the difference if you have a diferent skin colour its how you treat people if judge people by the skin colour that is really sad
Lulu 10 June, 2014 19:55
I was born in Australia in 1980 to parents who migrated here in 1972. Only in the last maybe 5 years have I really felt racism and been the target for name-calling about my skin colour. We've gone backwards. I am sure it's because our cities are busier, our roads are fuller. I'd prefer it if I had white skin. It hurts to be judged by your colour, as opposed to the kind of person you are.
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