Avventura, forza e coraggio: Italian migration

These resources for students of Italian include language tasks for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced based on the theme of Italian migration to Victoria. The study of Italian migration and Italian LOTE has curriculum links to Personal Learning, Civics and Citizenship, LOTE (Italian), Humanities (History), Communication and Thinking Processes.

The kit includes a preview of the self-guided trails which will be provided in printed form for students on arrival at the Immigration Museum as well as Tuning In and post visit activities for the classroom. The Year levels indicated are a guide only; teachers are encouraged to match activities to their students' language skills and abilities in the LOTE.

The recordings of the stories of the Italian migrants have been performed by native speakers and therefore not the voices of the actual people.

ResourceYear LevelPDF File
Teacher Notes: includes Curriculum Links, Gallery descriptions, Floor plans & Resources 4-VCE 522Kb
Self-guided trail - Beginners (preview only) 4-7 879Kb
Self-guided trail - Intermediate (preview only) 5-9 817Kb
Self-guided trail - Advanced (preview only) 10-12 865Kb
Tuning In & post visit activities for the classroom - Beginners 4-7 567Kb
Tuning In & post visit activities for the classroom - Intermediate 5-9 215Kb
Tuning In & post visit activities for the classroom - Advanced 10-12 554Kb
Listening activitiesYear LevelMP3 File
Vincenzo Candela story - English version 4-VCE 2.5Mb
Vincenzo Candela story - Italian version 4-VCE 3.2Mb
Genoveffa Donchi story - English version 4-VCE 2.4Mb
Genoveffa Donchi story - Italian version 4-VCE 2.5Mb
Attilio & Georgia Dereani: A Bonegilla story - English version 4-VCE 5Mb
Attilio & Georgia Dereani: A Bonegilla story - Italian version 4-VCE 6.2Mb

These materials were developed with the support of the Modern Language Teachers Association of Victoria (MTLAV).

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