Leaving and Arrival - Understanding the Waves of Migration to Victoria

Years 9-12, Program led by museum staff

Working in small groups, students unpack suitcases filled with objects, artefacts and documents revealing a story from a particular wave of immigration. Each suitcase holds a real story. The groups share their discovered stories, creating a timeline of migration to Australia which can be taken back to school.

Students have time in the museum galleries to explore, in more detail, specific stories of migration. They receive a Waves portfolio in which to record their findings. The Leaving and Arrival education kit with teacher notes, pre visit resources and a reading guide is available online.

New in 2012, an audio guide supports the learning activities in the galleries and acts as a focus for students. The mp3 files can be downloaded prior to your visit for use on personal devices at no cost.

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Leaving and Arrival Audio Tour
Title Download
Introduction MP3, 726KB
Leaving Home MP3, 525KB
Immigration Stories and Timeline MP3, 1.3MB
Getting In MP3, 1MB
Back at School MP3, 187KB

Leaving and Arrival audio tour transcript

Available Terms 1-4, Tuesday-Friday.
Session times: 10am, 11am, noon, 1pm.

Session duration: 90 minutes, including 45 minutes staff led presentation.
Maximum 50 students per session.
Cost: $4.40 per student plus education service fee.