Seeking Refuge

Years 9-12, Program led by museum staff

Stories of asylum seekers, displaced persons and refugees

film screening
Interior view of Leavings Gallery with film screening.
Source: Museum Victoria

Individuals have sought refuge in Australia for more than 100 years. This interactive and activity based program uses stories from the museum exhibitions to investigate the experiences of individuals who are forced to leave their homeland.

Students are also offered the opportunity to investigate the history of legislation relating to the settlement of displaced persons in Australia – using documents and individual profiles from the collection in the Museum.

Students and teachers then take their own tour through the galleries focussing on historical perspectives and the personal stories of refugees.

An audio guide supports the learning activities in the galleries and acts as a focus for students. The mp3 files can be downloaded prior to your visit for use on personal devices at no cost.

Seeking Refuge audio tour
Title Download
Introduction MP3, 758kb
Leaving Home MP3, 476kb
Immigration Stories and Timeline MP3, 1.53mb
Getting In MP3, 1.2mb
More resources MP3, 347kb

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Available Terms 1–4, Tuesday–Friday
Session times: 10am, 11am, 12 noon and 1pm

Session duration: 90 minutes, including 45 minute staff-led presentation
Maximum 40 students per session
Cost: $5.00 per student + education service fee