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Customs Gallery
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The story of the Old Customs House and its importance to Victoria's economic growth.

The Immigration Museum occupies the Old Customs House, one of Melbourne's most important 19th-century public buildings.

For over a century the Customs House was the focal point for Victoria's trade and shipping.

Customs officers collected import duties, inspected ships for smuggled goods, controlled immigration to Victoria, and prevented the importation of items such as illegal drugs, endangered and contaminated animal products, and banned books and films.


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Immigration Museum

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isabelle 5 July, 2014 16:17
It was amazing i loved making Babushka i made my family out of it. I have 4 people in my family isabelle zoe judith and lawrence.I really enjoyed immigration.
Charlotte 11 July, 2012 11:54
This section of the museum looks exciting! can't wait to see it!
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