Identity: yours, mine, ours

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Avi Singh, who features in the exhibition. Photographer: Scottie Cameron
Avi Singh, who features in the exhibition. Photographer: Scottie Cameron

An exhibition about identity – who we are and who others think we are.

What does it mean to belong and not belong in Australia?

The exhibition explores how our cultural heritage, languages, beliefs, and family connections influence our self-perceptions and our perceptions of other people – perceptions that can lead to discovery, confusion, prejudice and understanding.

Engaging personal stories, intriguing objects, compelling images and interactive multimedia experiences invite visitors to find connections with others, as well as challenge the assumptions we make about each other every day.

Visitors are encouraged to share their stories, affirm their identities and celebrate diversity in our community.


Event Type: Permanent Exhibition

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10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Fridays in February until 9:00PM

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Chantelle 10 October, 2014 16:22
I visited with my Grandchildren aged 8 and 10. We had an amazing day absorbing all the wonderful iconic pieces of information that have shaped what Australia is Today!...a Multicultural Society. I felt it was very important for my grandchildren to learn about other Cultural Historic struggles, and to learn about their Great Grand Fathers Aboriginal History. We did not want to leave, but are looking forward to returning. Thank you. :)
Max 30 April, 2014 14:48
Since I'm in year six, the curriculum says that I have to do immigration, so this site is a helpful resource for it!
Tanya 5 November, 2013 11:25
beautiful and intriguing
sharon 26 August, 2013 14:11
great learning
Mary 20 February, 2013 09:51
Very interesting for my year 10 RE class learning about the veil that has been passed down. An excellent resource. Thankyou
sally 11 February, 2013 12:43
great learning resource
Amanthi 12 November, 2012 14:54
It's good to be in Australia
Katherine Judge 19 July, 2012 16:58
I had students that didn't want to leave, they were so engaged! Also loved watching our senior students connect with their creative sides in the plane construction! Great idea and use of the space.
Dave 19 May, 2012 18:07
terrific exhibition, challenging perceptions about identity. I found it just as interesting what the exhibition didn't explore. Why is it gender blind? Femininity, masculinity and sexuality are ignored. Interesting...
Rebecca 4 July, 2013 16:48
Maybe because it's not 1950 and most of us have moved beyond thinking that we should be defined by our gender or sexual orientation.
hanum 20 April, 2011 23:59
insightfull !
JzN 20 April, 2011 22:52
the life-sized exhibits are AWEESOME!!!
Lauren 16 April, 2011 11:59
Excellent resource for teachers
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