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No matter when they arrived, all immigrants are linked by the common experience of a journey.

Over the past two centuries the immigration journey to Australia has changed from a perilous sea voyage of up to 3 months to a routine flight lasting up to 24 hours. Changing transport has not only shortened the journey, but made it more comfortable and affordable.

The journey remains one of the most memorable aspects of any immigration experience.

The Journeys Gallery, also known as the Long Room of Old Customs House, features a 17-metre replica ship where visitors can experience the changes in sea travel first hand from the 1840s to 1950s.


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Gabby 25 February, 2011 10:24
this website is an excellent way to research and is really helpful for school projects :-)
Janet 30 January, 2012 00:41
I was nearly a 10 pound pom around 1966 but then Mum and Dad changed their minds. I cam out here in June 1992 nearly 20 years with my own family
Jenifer Bartlett 1 March, 2012 10:23
Would you be interested in a copy of my Mothers diary of the journey on the New Australia in 1951 as a migrant with her family?
Discovery Centre 2 March, 2012 12:46
Hi Jenifer, we would be happy to pass on your donation offer to our curator for assessment. Please go to our donations page and submit your offer after having read the guidelines.
Stephanie Cunningham 14 March, 2012 11:27
I came to Australia from England in 1960 when I was 18 months of age. I was yhe very youngest of 4 children. We settled in Sydney, where I was educated and lived until 1984. I now live in QLD with one brother and my own family, not a bad life. Thanks to Mum and Dad for the decision for a better life.
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Susan Wedge ( née King ) 22 May, 2012 09:41
I arrived January 1961 on board MV Fairsea,I was 10 years old and a £10 Pom along with my Mother,Father and 15 year old brother.We were collected from Station Pier and taken to a Migrant Camp in Preston which was to be our home for just 2 days.On board "Fairsea" my Mum and I were in 10 berth ladies cabin.
Lynda Kelly (nee Upton) 8 September, 2012 08:02
Hello Susan, You were on the voyage before the one I came on (also on the Fairsea). We left England on 27th Feb. and arrived in Melbourne at the end of March, although we then had to catch a train to Adelaide where we lived for almost 6 years before returning to England in January 1967. My mum and I were in a 12 berth cabin - they certainly packed us in well! My son and family emigrated to Australia 5 years ago and now live in Brisbane.
Isabella Ly 29 May, 2012 16:20
I went to the museum and it was AWESOME!!!!
robert condy 7 November, 2012 22:45
i was a ten pound ,we arrived at station pier melb cup day 1952, i was one year old. the ship was the father always said they made a holiday the day we arrived.
Angela Cartland nee Bendfeldt 7 July, 2013 11:11
My parents and two brothers also arrived on the Fairsea in 1954 - but from Bremerhaven, Germany. They got off in Sydney and went to Scheyville Immigration Camp. I was born in Penrtih in 1961. Its great to hear the Fairsea was still going through the sixties.
sheila (wilson) Waddoups 4 December, 2013 07:57
my family landed in Australia May 1966 parents and 6 children. 4 children went to Northcote home for immigrant children and parents and two brother went to brooklyn hostel. It was the best thing my parents ever gave to there children taking them to Australia from Scotland, parents are now gone and 5 of my siblings still live in Melbourne and I was the only one that left and went to America but I still call Australia my home. thanks Australia for the oppertunity you gave our family all those years ago and my parents happy and grateful for such a beautiful country
Toni McCormack 9 March, 2014 11:28
I am interested in researching how emigrant children occupied themselves on board ship in the 1850-1880 period. Ship diaries rarely mention the everyday activities of children. Does anybody have some leads for me?
Ellen Geis 3 September, 2014 17:50
My parents. sister and I arrived in Melbourne on MV Fairsea on 1 September 1954 from Bremerhaven, Germany. We were transported to Bonegilla Migrant Camp by train (a real red-rattler). I turned 6 years old somewhere in the Suez canal. I'd like to hear from anyone who has memories of being on the same voyage.
Ron Bond 16 October, 2014 08:50
My wife and I and our two sons( 6yrs& 5 yrs) migrated to Australia onboard an Eagle Airways plane April 1964, stopping 4 times and taking about 40 hours, arriving in Sydney early hours after an horrendous flight. Transferred to Heathcote Hostel, worked in Carlingford, then Paramatta,ending up in Dulwich Hill NSW. After birth of our daughter we returned UK aboard TV Fairsky, taking 33/4 days to arrive in southampton via Panama canal. Had a 4 berth. cabin, and a cot for baby(she has an Australian Passport, and we have dual citizenship. Ron