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Leaving home exhibition
Leaving Home
Source: Museum Victoria
Photographer: Jon Augier

What would it take to make you leave your homeland and travel thousands of miles to another country?

People have migrated to Australia for many reasons. Some flee from the ravages of war, hunger, religious persecution or political repressions. Others have been lured by a sense of adventure, by the prospect of a new beginning, of owning land, of making a fortune, or to be reunited with love ones.

Many arrive with keepsakes, precious reminders of loved ones or special places. The experiences of arriving in a new country vary from person to person.

Using sound, objects, still and moving images we explore the reasons why people left their countries to come to Australia and what they brought with them.


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Paul Burke 20 December, 2010 14:21
I'm not sure what you want me to comment about - perhaps whether my search was satisfactory? To my mind your website gives a very good general overview of exhibitions, past, present and future. I could only suggest making the blurb more graphic and abbreviated to make key ideas stand out. I was actually looking for a past exhibition which centred on the experience of migrating on an ocean liner. I couldn't find it! Perhaps you could tell me where I can find this information?
Soo Nazih Laouami 21 February, 2012 12:41
The exhibition Station Pier: Gateway to a new Life is now online. Maybe this is what Paul was looking for. Also Collections Online at the Museum Victoria website is a great way to find immigration related objects in the collections.
Anne Connor 7 August, 2011 17:21
Did people leaving England under the ten pound pom scheme in the 1920s have to reskill prior to leaving England eg did they have to work on a farm in England for six months prior leaving the UK so that they could secure work on a farm in Australia.
Peta Hawker 30 July, 2012 15:57
I was moved to tears by this exhibition. I know first hand what it is like to leave everything behind for an unknown country, but my story goes beyond that. After fighting long and hard to establish a very successful life I found myself, nearly 20 years later, returning to my homeland with absolutely nothing. Culture shock and assimilation are difficult, but counter-culture shock into a nation you no longer recognise is soul breaking. There is nothing so confusing as to feel foreign in your country of birth, and to feel homesick for a 'foreign' land.
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John 19 August, 2014 19:23
This exhibit is emotional
tiggie 15 October, 2014 13:50
this was very VERY VERY helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
Katherine 19 January, 2015 19:34
First visit to the Museum, and felt a lump in my throat as I look around at the Migration exhibits and stories. I am now writing my family history (especially the migration side of things), and the Museum gave me a lot of ideas to write about. We arrived from Malta in January 1955. Thank you.