Narratives across Cultures #2

Past Event: 20 July 2009 to 9 July 2010

Narratives across Cultures artwork
Narratives across Cultures artwork
Source: Victoria University
Image: VU Multimedia Students

Short films by Victoria University students.

Stories of the Diaspora examines the role that stories play in everyday life and the relationship between stories and broader culture.

Students from Victoria University worked with Immigration Museum to produce digital stories that explore the theme ’Stories of the Diaspora’. The collaboration pushed students to think about how to engage audiences with complex subject matter. As multimedia teacher Luke Low commented, "this project required a huge commitment from all students, and final products are of outstanding quality".

Three films are currently showing at Immigration Museum:

Deported – based on a true story of one family’s trauma in managing the realities of deportation.

Home Away From Home - a series of personal reflections exploring why people choose to live in Australia.

Our Journeys – an exploration of the physical and psychological journeys of three individuals.