Bermuda Kites

Past Event: 30 March 2013 to 14 April 2013

boy with kite
Source: Museum Victoria
Ben Healley

Create your own paper kite inspired by traditional Bermuda designs and customs.

There is said to be a special religious significance in Bermuda to kite flying that started on Good Friday during Easter, when a local teacher had difficulty explaining the Christian religious idea of Jesus' ascension to heaven to his Sunday school class.  So he launched a kite with a likeness of Christ to symbolise this ascent.  Today, people of all ages make and fly kites at Easter in Bermuda.

Bermuda kites have long cloth tails and are made in different colours of tissue paper. Many feature exquisite patterns and some are huge, requiring several people to get aloft.  Children will make their own hexagonal kite with tissue paper.