Tortillas and Tamales Cooking Workshop

at the ¡Viva Mexico! Festival

Past Event: 4 May 2014

Tortillas and corn
Source: La Tortilleria

Learn how to cook with one of Mexico’s most versatile products – the corn tortilla.

Join Gerardo and Iliana from Melbourne’s renowned La Tortilleria and learn how to cook some authentic Mexican dishes.

Learn about the traditional preparation of corn, dating all the way back to the Aztecs and Mayans, which today is made into a great variety of Mexican foods including tortillas, pozole, masa, and tamales.

Learn how to press your own tortillas, how to serve them the authentic way, and how to make them into a variety of snacks – including tasty tamales. Find out where to buy authentic products here in Melbourne and how to impress your friends with delicious Mexican dinners!