Beyond the Postcard Image

Past Event: 4 November 2006 to 18 March 2007

Beyond the Postcard Image
Beyond the Postcard Image
Source: Museum Victoria

An exhibition celebrating Mauritians and Rodriguans in Victoria.

Discover the surprisingly diverse culture and heritage of people from the tiny Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Located approximately 2,000 km off the east coast of Africa, these previously uninhabited islands were settled by a mix of Africans, Indians, Chinese and Europeans from around 1650.

Dutch and later French settlers imported African slaves to cut ebony during the 17th and 18th centuries. When the British took control in 1810, their abolition of slavery 25 years later was followed by the importation of indentured labour from India.

This unique history fostered the development of a hybrid culture, influenced by the language and traditions of three continents.

Through personal stories, objects, photographs and information panels, Beyond the Postcard Image explores the community’s diversity through language and food, as well as important cultural traditions, such as séga (pronounced ‘say-gah’) music and dance, originally developed by African and Madagascan slaves.

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