Callaloo: mixing it up

Caribbean community, Moomba, 1997
Members of the Caribbean community dressed as the ‘Four Seasons’ in the Moomba Festival Parade, 1997.
Source: Museum Victoria Caribbean Community Photographic Collection

Callaloo is a leafy green vegetable grown and eaten throughout the Caribbean.

Callaloo is a rich, blended soup, a spicy and nourishing mix of callaloo leaves, okra, pumpkin, salt meat or crab and coconut milk, all seasoned with thyme and hot pepper.

Callaloo is an idea, a word to describe the wonderfully diverse mixture of races and cultures that define Caribbean people.

From the earliest days of European settlement, West Indians have been present in Australia in very small numbers. Because there are so few of us, we seek each other out and ‘mix’ socially, regardless of our cultural differences or country of origin. We also choose partners from many other ethnic groups, ‘mixing it up’ even further.

Celebrate with us the richness and diversity that is the West Indian experience, the Caribbean callaloo.