Faith Fashion Fusion

Muslim Women’s Style in Australia

Faith Fashion Fusion

An exhibition exploring fashion, faith and Muslim identity.

Australian Muslim women dress in diverse styles and are increasingly choosing to engage with global fashion trends while also expressing their faith. Faith, fashion, fusion explores an emerging modest fashion market and the work of a new generation of fashion designers, retailers and bloggers offering stylish clothing and fashion advice to Muslim women.

Faith, fashion and Muslim identity are further explored in the exhibition through the experiences and achievements of a group of Australian Muslim women. Their stories reflect on the diversity of the Muslim community and the importance of the Muslim faith in all aspects of their lives.

A touring exhibition by the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

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sagal 3 October, 2013 16:58
Its a groundbreaking exhibition, showcasing an unbiased and in-depth look into the dynamic world of muslims and the power of faith.
John Omond 9 October, 2013 10:32
I'm looking forward to attending this. I'm quite uninformed about Muslim people.
iram 29 October, 2013 11:58
will love to attend
basheera jannan 5 November, 2013 04:53
As'Salaamu Alaikum! What a great idea! I am thoroughly inspired by, and equally excited to hear about, this exhibit! I would like to connect with the curator if possible. All the best! Basheera by way of Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tasneem Chopra 29 November, 2013 10:53
Salams Basheera, my name is tasneem Chopra and I'm through Curator of the Melbourne component of FFF. Please feel free to email me at Salams
phoebe 24 November, 2013 19:30
The 3pm workshop today showed some awesome costumes! I enjoyed it very much. Please could someone tell me what the wedding song was at the end (singer, song title)? Thank you, Phoebe
Discovery Centre 28 November, 2013 12:48

Hi Phoebe,

The bridal segment featured two songs by the same artist, Maher Zain.

The first was "Baraka Allahu Lakuma" and the second was "For the rest of my life."

Both can be found on Youtube.

Marg 25 November, 2013 21:20
Congratulations to all involved in the presentations and exhibitions relating to the "Faith Fashion Fusion" at the Museum on Sunday 24th November. A fantastic way to educate people about Muslim Women and I love my henna hands!
Fatin 30 November, 2013 17:06
Hello, I came across this while surfing the net and was very curious as to what exactly this event is? Will their be women expressing their faith while dressing in the latest trends? More importantly is this a one day event or will it run for a period of time? Hope to hear from you soon.
Discovery Centre 1 December, 2013 13:20

Hi Fatin,

Faith Fashion Fusion is an exhibition developed by the Powerhouse in Sydney. It will be on display at the Immigration Museum until the 9th of June, 2014. The exhibition highlights how Muslim women in Australia, informed by their faith, explore and develop their own contemporary fashion style. The exhibition includes stories about designers and examples of their designs; everything from formal and casual clothing, through to swim ware.

Halima Ali 3 December, 2013 12:47
Can't wait to attending this event!!
Cheryl Fairclough 3 January, 2014 19:54
Visited today. Absolutely stunning! Highly recommended. Facebook your friends. A celebration of the creativity, colour, faith and style of both the Muslim designers whose creations are on show and the individual Muslim women featured who are contributing to our society in so many varied ways. I doubt you can be anything other than impressed by these articulate and stylish women.
Wendy Birdjan 5 February, 2014 21:49
My Australian born son Stefan studied fashion before he converted to Islam. 2yrs ago he passed away from leukaemia. He would be so happy to see that such an exhibition is on display in Melbourne.
Levi Geikie 13 February, 2014 18:32
Hi Interesting your post, which is clothing worn by people of the Islamic faith.
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Elizabeth Gunn 11 March, 2014 13:10
I had a quick look at the exhibition last week and thought it was really interesting. I'm planning to come back to visit again soon. Thank you so much for a fantastic exhibition. Liz
Abrar 31 March, 2014 14:18
how much is the entry fee for the museum/event?
MV Customer Contact Centre 3 October, 2013 15:43

Hi There,

Entry to this Exhibition which is included with Museum Entry is:

Adults : $10.00

Concessions/Seniors/Students/Children: Free

Phil 31 March, 2014 14:19
Very interesting...Is there an opening event for this?
MV Customer Contact Centre 1 October, 2013 15:17
Hello, the opening date for the exhibition is Thursday 10th of October.
Jan 13 June, 2014 18:57
Nice to see young Muslim women with style and individualism and not wearing dreary black covering their bodies and faces.