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Portrait of Evan Bichara
Portrait of Evan Bichara.
Source: Evan Bichara

Evan Bichara arrived in Australia with his family of Greek–Egyptian background at the age of six.

His promising academic career received a setback when he developed a mental illness in the first year of science at the University of Melbourne. He maintained, however, a profound determination to heal himself and contribute to others.

Unusually, Evan found a means of achieving this through sport. His love for soccer and young people led him to coaching junior teams up to state championship level, eventually becoming a referee for Soccer Australia. Assisting his local parish at St Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church also helped him on his long journey to heal his mind, body and soul.

Evan is now a tireless consumer advocate for mental health sufferers – supporting individuals in crisis, building awareness in ethnic communities and advising government. His disability has become the means for expressing his passion to make a difference to the lives of other Australians.

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Evan Bichara as a soccer referee