The Fighter

Son Vu and Thuy Cai appeal to parliament through the local paper, 2003
Son Vu and Thuy Cai appeal to parliament through the local paper on 25 August 2003.
Source: Fairfax Community Papers

‘I arrived in Australia in 1999 to join my husband Son Vu, dreaming about family, children and a future after four years of waiting for sponsor documents.

‘We worked so hard to learn English, find jobs and buy a home to welcome my son, Bill, born in May 2000. It was a black day when he was diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability before his third birthday. How difficult was the beginning of my journey – cultural issues, finance and poor information, but with great support from Son I slowly overcame them.

‘I kept my day job, attended workshops at night, did the research and began an exhaustive process of genetic testing, diet, medication, advocacy and therapy. I knocked at doors of disability services, appealed to my MP and finally won for Bill a childcare place with extra support staff, early intervention, speech therapy, music therapy…

‘Bill’s progress inspired me to share my experience with others in the same boat. In 2009 I completed my Diploma of Disability and began a disability career. Keep hoping, keep believing and keep fighting for the needs of your child and your dreams for them will come true!’

Thuy Cai