The Group

Diversity and Disability group members
Diversity and Disability group members debate the reform process.
Image: Wesa Chau
Source: ADEC

Diversity and Disability, or ‘Dnd’, is a group of people with disabilities from multicultural backgrounds, who come together to promote reform and self-advocacy, and to share information and laughter.

Mary-anne: My mum always tried to get me to be independent, now she asks how I can be so independent. Well, I’ve done it all myself, so I’m an expert.

Christine: I appreciate my spiritual connectedness with the Creator, as people with disabilities are sometimes excluded from religion.

Angela: Someone at the Department of Education told me I can’t be a teacher. I’ve been a teacher now for 30 years.

Christian: There are hurdles everyday, but I learnt long ago to fight in a negative environment.

Massara: I can’t do things just to please other people; I have to look after myself. But I keep happy and keep a smile.

Dora: My love of the theatre made me happy, as does being in an advocacy group.

Angela: Most people are scared of the unknown. Never give up, keep a good attitude, don’t forget to smile and thank people who help you.