The Recovery

Painting by Diahann Lombardozzi
Painting by Diahann Lombardozzi.
Image: Diahann Lombardozzi
Source: ADEC

Diahann Lombardozzi is an artist and architect, with Italian, Austrian and Greek ancestry.

She has been living with a mental illness since her early 30s, when she experienced a manic episode after the birth of the second of her two children.

She believes that accepting your illness and creating a plan for your recovery is essential. Her family and future health became the priority in her life.

Diahann researched food allergies, diet, relaxation, sleeping patterns, music, art, dance therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractics, reiki and hypnosis. She started playing tennis, joined a bipolar women’s support group and set up a gallery. Her experiences combined with mainstream medicine helped her recovery. During this time she also cared for her disabled father, her elderly grandmother and two teenage children, while working as an interior designer.

Diahann is now an active consumer advocate, fulfilling her passion to make a difference for others in the mental health system. In 2007 she produced an award winning documentary Hypothesis about her recovery story (

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Painting by Diahann Lombardozzi Painting by Diahann Lombardozzi