The Unknown

Ann and Sousan Mina in the local news, 9 October 2009
Ann and Sousan Mina feature in the local news on 9 October 2009.
Image: Lucy Aulich
Source: Moonee Valley Community News / Story: Robert Fedele

Wally and Sousan Mina emigrated from Egypt in the 1960s, seeking a better life.

They have cared for Ann, their 32-year-old daughter, since she was diagnosed with a then unknown disability called alternating hemiplegia at only eight months of age. Ann is highly dependent and suffers on-and-off paralysis, mood swings and mild intellectual disability. Her extremely rare disability pioneered new research, but the total lack of treatment options has been incredibly frustrating. Their future, even their day-to-day lives are still uncertain, but they have gained strength from helping professionals and their community.

Sousan says she has learnt compassion and to appreciate true values in life: ‘I have faith in God and I never lose hope. But you must express your whole grief and then accept what you cannot change’.

Wally adds: ‘Cheerfulness, a joke and laughter is what I bring to my family. You can’t control what is in your heart but you can lessen the burden of others.’