Greek treasures: from the Benaki Museum in Athens

Past Event: 7 October 2005 to 28 May 2006

Over 8,000 years of history in one extraordinary exhibition.

Drawn from one of the world's most famous collections of Greek treasures, this exhibition celebrates the vibrancy of Greek political and artistic life from 6,000 BC to the early 19th century Greek War of Independence.

Over 160 exquisite objects are on display, including ceramics, embroidered textiles, jewellery, figurines, oil paintings and Byzantine icons.

Organised by the Powerhouse Museum in association with the Benaki Museum in Athens.

Sponsor: National Australia Bank

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Frank 19 September, 2010 12:59
Does anybody know the name of the misic that was playing during this exhibition. And perhaps where I can buy the CD
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