Keys to the future

Young Australian Palestinians, 2006
Young Australian Palestinians, 2006.
Source: Museum Victoria Palestinian Community Photographic Collection

Palestinians are a people defined by what they have lost. Their lives have been shaped by a sense of injustice reinforced by continuing dispossession and conflict. But at the same time they have lived, worked and contributed to Australian society, bringing their culture and creating a new life for themselves here.

Many Palestinian Australians still look to a future that gives them the right to return to the home of their ancestors. Children of the next generation, like all young people, are choosing for themselves what elements of their heritage will form a part of who they are.

“Just as our people carried their keys from Palestine into other lands, we carry the complexity of our past and our own hopes for peace with justice. This is our muftah, our key.“

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The Age, 18 May 2009. Palestinian community in the Australia Day Parade, 2004