Amandio da Costa Gomes

Amandio with young Timorese musicians
Amandio with young Timorese musicians at a community festival at Queen Victoria Market, 2010.
Image: Elizabete Gomes
Source: Elizabete Gomes

I was born in Hatolia. I left Timor Leste in 1970 because of the fascist regime ruling my homeland at the time.

I am passionate about Timorese music and a big fan of the late Abril Metan, a much-loved Timorese musician. I play violin in his style.

Kore Metan marks the end of the year-long period of mourning for a loved one. A dinner dance is offered to all family members and friends. This signals the letting go of grief and start of remembering the departed as an ancestor resting on Mt Matebian. Abril Metan’s music is essential to this custom.

When I play violin, Kore Metan, I pay homage to Abril Metan and to all our brothers and sisters who have lost their lives in the fight for independence.

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Amandio performing during Refugee Week, 1995