Cecilia Sequeira Gonçalves

Cecilia in her studio in Australia
Cecilia in her studio in Australia, painting a view of Mt Matebian.
Image: Elizabete Gomes
Source: Elizabete Gomes

I was born in Baucau and I left my homeland in 1975, with my husband and four children.

As I left, a dear friend handed me a stone to carry as a reminder of my land wherever I went. I have it still today.

Together with my husband, Raul, I have made Melbourne my home, but since independence we have been back to Timor Leste several times.

We are torn between life in Australia and life in Timor Leste. We are never entirely happy here and never entirely happy there.

As an artist I am inspired by the Sacred House of my ancestral lineage, and its importance in passing down heritage.

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