Felizberto de Araujo and Inês Araujo

Felizberto and Inês with their children
Felizberto and Inês with their children in Australia, 1997.
Source: Felizberto and Inês Araujo

We left Timor Leste in 1975 and lived in Portugal with our nine children before coming to Australia in 1994.

While we were in Portugal we kept our culture alive by teaching our children Timorese songs and dances. In Australia we continue our traditions, and we have decorated our home in Timorese style.

As Catholics we celebrate Loron Matebian by going to Mass and by going to the cemetery to pay tribute to all our ancestors. We especially honour our late son, Altino, who was born on All Souls Day. We conclude with a family dinner, which is completed by playing music and singing traditional songs to our ancestors.

We believe music travels faster to the world of the spirits.

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Cast of the East Timorese community play Sweet Flowers