Jorge de Araujo

Jorge and his wife and children
Jorge, his wife, Katie, and their children at home in Melbourne.
Image: Jorge de Araujo
Source: Jorge de Araujo

I was born in Timor Leste under Indonesian rule in 1977. I left my homeland at the age of 11, lived in Portugal for four years, and came to Australia in 1993.

I am a photographer and passionate about both my communities, in Melbourne and in Timor Leste. I have been back a few times to capture by camera East Timorese survival and resilience during extreme circumstances.

I wear a gold pendant representing an East Timorese Sacred House as a symbol of identity.

Wherever I go this pendant identifies me as an East Timorese. My family and I have given my Australian wife a Sacred House gold pendant to welcome her into our family.

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Gold pendant of an <i>Uma Lulik</i>