In-Transit Display

Past Event: 26 November 2011 to 2 August 2012

red suitcase
Source: Museum Victoria
Photographer: Ben Healley

Evocative displays about travel and migration created during the In-Transit workshops.

Explore a series of displays created by families and Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan for the Immigration Museum’s Journeys Gallery.

Amongst the trappings of travel – bags, suitcases, freight containers and packing pallets – and placed around the 17-metre replica ship, the displays will feature significant objects and photographs that evoke memories of travel and migration.

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David Rodgers-Smith 2 February, 2012 20:46
What a great web site. I arrived here aged 7 in 1972 on the Brittanis. I still have the farewell dinner menu signed by some crew members and passengers.
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