Past Event: 19 November 2007 to 24 February 2008

Albanians celebrating Albania's National day
Albanians celebrating Albania’s National day at Richmond Town Hall, 28 November 1965.
Source: Museum Victoria Albanian Community Photographic Collection
Courtesy Jennifer Kalaja

The continuing story of Victoria's Albanian community.

Exploring the story of Victoria's Albanian community, this exhibition takes as its focus the struggles of families separated for up to 40 years by Albania's Communist rule.

For Australian-Albanians, an important moment in the formation of a community was the transformation from the traditional notion of kurbet (temporary settlement in a foreign land) into a place of permanent belonging.

Coming from an ethnically diverse nation, Albanian immigrants have quietly established flourishing communities in multicultural Australia, as part of their continuing journey.

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Genc Kalaja 6 February, 2012 00:25
The photo of the Albanian National Day is from 1956 not 1965 and is in North Melbourne Town Hall, not Richmond Town Hall.
Monika Leka 6 June, 2011 07:19
I am very happy for this Albanian exhibition. I have only 5 months that I am living in Australia and this was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in this far away continent. I miss so much Albania and I am very glad I had a little piece of our country through this museum. Thank you so much! Best regards, Monika Leka
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