The Muke family of Healesville

Mazllem Muke with son Kadi
Mazllem Muke with son Kadi (right) and Albanian friends, Healesville, 1954.
Source: Kadi Muke

Mazllem Muke arrived in Victoria in 1948 as a displaced refugee in the aftermath of World War II. Initially he settled in the Goulburn Valley, working on the land for five years. Mazllem toiled hard to establish a home for himself and, in time, for his wife, Emine, and son, Kadi, who had remained in the then communist Yugoslavia. In 1953, Mazllem moved to the Yarra Valley in Healesville, where he bought a small farm and worked as a market gardener.

After a decade of separation, Mazllem was reunited with his wife and son in 1958, after the Yugoslav authorities allowed them to emigrate. They rebuilt their lives and established a successful farm, which they worked for many years. Kadi and his wife, Fatmire, have four children, all of whom are now married with families of their own and pursuing careers in various occupations.

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