Open for (more than) Business


They would come from work like six o'clock and stay till ten...

That was their home. know, sit and talk

They didn't have anything more socially than what they got in Scheherazade. So it was not only the food, it was the atmosphere.

For example, the Somalian community, or Afghani communities, or the different, the new communities that are coming through - Where are their places? Where are their Cafe Scheherazades?

I think the Italians have integrated much better than other groups and I think that is the reason...

Too well!

Too well, yes.


Usually I will do all to retain my culture and to show it to my children. I don't want them to forget our roots. So, I will celebrate all the festivals and to do that we need all of our items which I can get only in this shop whereas in others we don't get it.

In India yes, definitely. In a small cosy shop where you get everything. So, it definitely reminds me of Bombay so to say.

So yeah, this actually reminds me because I am an African - so I do come here and want to be back at your home and then feel at home.

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Stories of continuity and change from the migrant operated businesses of Melbourne
Length: 02:48 mins