Seeking Refuge in Nhill

Past Event: 20 July 2013 to 15 January 2014

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Source: Melissa Powell Photography

A photographic exhibition exploring the struggles and achievements of the Karen community in Nhill.

Nhill is a small agricultural town in the semi-arid Wimmera region of central Victoria. It is a long way from the tropical Thai-Burma border where more than 140,000 refugees, many of them minority Karen people, live in UNHCR administered camps. Over the last four years a community of Karen refugees have settled in the township of Nhill, finding a welcoming home and new friends.

There are now around 120 Karen people living in Nhill. In recognition of the change in the community, local council staff interviewed Karen community members and the Wimmera Development Association engaged photographer Melissa Powel to document the new lives of Karen refugees and the relationships that have been formed with the established residents.

Seeking Refuge in Nhill explores the journey, settlement, struggles and achievements of the Karen Community in Nhill.

Produced and presented in partnership with the Victorian Multicultural Commission, Wimmera Development Association, Hindmarsh Shire Council, Melissa Powell Photography and Immigration Museum.

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Karen Wiseman 26 July, 2013 16:01
A fantastic exhibition that gives you a an insight into the lives of our Karen community
Jo Bourke 30 July, 2013 20:16
The exhibition celebrates the journey of the Karen community and their contribution to the Nhill community. Beautiful photographs by internationally recognised photographer Melissa Powell, strong stories by Hindmarsh Shire's Katherine Colbert reflecting the gentle family focus of the Karen people.
Michael Olijnyk 12 January, 2014 13:59
What a brilliant idea of the community of Nhill. These are beautiful peace loving people and it is so so good to see the Karen community being embraced by the people of Nhill. Congratulations on such a wonderful exhibition.
Amanda 16 January, 2014 12:31
I'm just a day late and so very very disappointed that I missed this exhibition. Will it be moving anywhere else, or is there some documentation I can follow up? I would be really appreciative of any kind of help to see these photographs.
Kate 18 August, 2014 15:47
Hi Amanda, This exhibition will be on display at the Bendigo branch of the Goldfields Library as part of a Rural Australians for Refugee event entitled 'Our Refugee Story'. The event is being held Saturday the 25th of October, and the photographs will remain on display until Sunday the 9th of October. Regards, Kate
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Verity 25 October, 2014 20:24
Is there a publication of these photographs available for purchase?8

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