Station Pier: Gateway to a New Life

Past Event: 4 October 2004 to 14 November 2010

Station Pier, Melbourne
A crowd awaits a ship at Station Pier, Port Melbourne.
Source: Italian Historical Society - Co.As.It.

Find out why this landmark has become such an evocative symbol of Victoria's immigration history.

Station Pier is one of Australia's longest operating passenger piers. It holds iconic significance in Victoria's heritage, and is particularly significant to Victoria's post-war immigrants for whom it is an ongoing symbol of their arrival and the start of their new life.

The exhibition provides an historical overview of Station Pier, including its early days as Railway Pier in the 1850s, and its upgrade in the 1920s in response to the growing needs of the city and port of Melbourne.

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Lynne 15 February, 2011 09:58
Will this exhibition become available as an online resource?
Kate C 4 July, 2014 10:54
Richard 11 April, 2011 18:01
Hello, I'm specifically researching two passenger ships that brought immigrants from Italy to Melbourne. These ships are The Sorriento (or Sorrento) and The Roma. I'm actually wanting to get any memorobilia (books / passenger lists etc) for a present for relatives that arrived 1953 and 1952 respectively. Thanks!