Mauritian Sweets



WOMAN: In the Mauritian community, one very special event that is a religious event, especially in the Catholic community of Mauritius, is the first Holy Communion. We always say Mauritius is like a fruit salad bowl. Very mixed in cultures and we have people from all over the world that have actually made their home in Mauritius. Food is very important part of life, and sweets, of course. They delight us and ensure that we are always satisfied and happy. We are known as one of the harmonious mixed racial communities of the world.

MAN: You can’t stop at one. You got to go through the menu. One is not enough.

WOMAN: The brioche, of course, is very special because it‘s a tradition and all the children, when they have their first communion, it‘s a tradition to have the brioche because it represents that the child has received Christ for the first time and when you share the brioche, it’s as if the child is sharing what she had for the first time with the rest of the family.

MAN: The sweet is given to any of the members of the community, no matter which religion, where they are from. So, everyone gets the sweet.


WOMAN: It bring back memories when you meet all your friends and the family and all the cooking from the islands, the sweets and even the food. It’s bring back a lot of memories.


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A child's First Holy Communion is an important part of the Catholic Mauritian tradition and cause for great celebration.
Length: 03:39