Turkish Sweets


MAN: My name is Hajin Jedaiah. We’re making lots of baklavas, tulumba, kadayif, sekerpare, hanim gobegi, lady’s finger. Mostly birthday cakes and wedding cakes, biscuits.

I did apprentice. I was 12 years old in Turkey, in the pâtisserie.

My mum used to make baklava. She did make it. I eat it first time. Yeah, it’s very lovely. But they are little bit different. They’re made from flour. We made from starch. But, yeah, she’s make very nice, yeah, baklava. And then I’ll make different. I say my mum, you know, “I hoping that I...better than you.” My mum said to me, “No, no, no. You can’t.” And then I show her and then she shocked.

It is very important part of Turkish culture, the people. It’s been around for centuries, especially baklava. Baklava used to be walnuts, mainly. Today, they put pistachio nuts. Pistachio nuts and the quality of the oil or the margarine makes a big difference but mainly, no, it hasn’t changed. It’s still... Baklava is baklava.

Baklava is something that you have to have on religion holidays. Most important, it’s something that you have to have when you go and ask for a girl’s hand to the family. You have to go with a box of baklava. No baklava – you’re in trouble! You can forget the flowers, but not baklava!


About this Video

Turkish bakeries can be found throughout Melbourne, making community favourites like baklava.
Length: 04:09