Symposium - Can we talk? Well, can we?

Language: the great divide

Symposium - Can we talk? Well, can we?

A one-day symposium that explores what it means to be a multilingual society.

The launch of the Identity: yours, mine, ours exhibition, alongside community engagement projects such as Talking Difference, established a charter for the Immigration Museum to be more proactive, even interventionist, in engaging community in debate and social change about prejudice and racism.

The first symposium, Owning Racism - Can We Talk?, was the first major initiative stemming from the Identity exhibition to continue conversations about diversity, social cohesion and behavioural impacts. It was also intended to position the Immigration Museum as an instigator of, as well as a responder to, these challenging and often confronting issues. In this way, the Immigration Museum aims to bring together like-minded practitioners to share ideas and practices to engender genuine social change.

Can we talk? Well, can we? Language: the great divide is the second symposium hosted at the Immigration Museum. The symposium will encourage active and ongoing networks and collaborative partnerships and aims to share methodologies across disciplines in areas of language and culture, asylum seeker and refugee services including:

  • social intervention
  • anti-racism projects
  • applied theory in community practice
  • practical examples of services
  • project work and case studies

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