Seeking a shared identity

Kava ceremony
Squeezing fresh yaqona roots, part of the formal Fijian kava ceremony.
Image: Benjamin Healley
Source: Museum Victoria Studios

The upheavals in Fiji society over the last 20 years have taken a toll on the Fiji communities in Victoria. Especially since the second coup in 2000, these groups have pursued separate paths, more conscious of their differences than their similarities.

However, they share common concerns.They love and grieve for their country of origin and hope that Fiji can find its way to peace and harmony. They want to contribute to Australia and share their culture and heritage with all Australians. They feel strong bonds with both countries and want to promote better understanding between the two. 

Victoria’s Fiji-born people hope to forge a new identity based on their shared heritage and experience of migration, a community in which Fiji Indians, ethnic Fijians, Rotumans and others are united as Fiji Australians. Talanoa, the art of connecting people through the telling of stories, can be a way to help create and strengthen that community. The stories told here are part of that journey.

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