Global warming

Funafut Atoll
Funafut Atoll July 1999 - a shortage of land on Funafuti has led to housing being built around and on the rubbish-filled borrow pits.
Source: Peter Bennetts

Global warming is affecting all countries. Tuvalu has been particularly affected because of its location, size and the fact that it is surrounded by a vast expanse of ocean.

In recent times, hurricane-force winds have become more frequent, causing storms and violent seas, which have threatened life and damaged infrastructure and property. Coral reefs have also suffered irreversible damage, depleting fish stocks, eroding beaches and, in turn, impacting negatively on tourism.

Rising sea levels caused by global warming has increased salinity in the ground water, the only source of fresh water for human consumption and for agriculture.

The lack of suitable water for food crops and the decrease in fish catches has meant Tuvalu has had to rely more heavily on imported foreign foods. This means an increase in health-related issues due to changes in the staple diet as well as an additional strain on the island's economy.

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