West Africa: Rhythm and Spirit

Past Event: 12 November 2010 to 29 May 2011

Igala boy’s initiation mask from Nigeria
Igala boy’s initiation mask from Nigeria.
Source: Otago Museum

Explore the rich cultures of West Africa.

From spiritual beliefs to daily life, masks to music, cloth to carving, West Africa: Rhythm and Spirit explores the array of vibrant and dynamic cultures of West Africa.

Bordered by the Sahara Desert to the north, and by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south, West Africa is an area of tradition and change. This exhibition features over 200 objects from 28 different West African cultures, exploring kingship and authority, carved figures, pattern and adornment, divination, masks and masquerades and trade.

West Africa: Rhythm and Spirit is based on a collection of Joel A. and Patricia H. Vanderburg from Otago, New Zealand. The objects were collected from 1964-1975 while living in Nigeria and Ghana.

An Otago Museum exhibition from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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Georgina Friend 17 March, 2011 14:31
Looks vibrant, Ilook forward to seeing this !
Brendan K. 6 March, 2011 22:01
I highly recommend this cultural exhibition for the whole family. The music, dancing and food were all great. The textiles & artifacts were amazing. The presentations and activities were very interesting. Kids were queuing up for the stencil body art and I had fun with the stamp printing. It was amazing to learn that the hair braiding involves sewing another persons hair (already braided) onto the subjects own hair.
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Blue 6 February, 2011 12:28
How much does this exhibition cost?????!
Discovery Centre 9 February, 2011 12:17
Hi Blue, please click on the Visiting link under the main banner towards the top of the page. This will give you details about the museum including entry fees.
International Anti Poaching Foundation 11 January, 2011 11:04
www.rawforafrica.com.au supporting a great cause for African wildlife www.iapf.org
Ally in Melbourne 28 November, 2010 12:27
I am looking forward to seeing this exhibition and learning more about their life and culture.
Jannis Young 21 November, 2010 10:25
A direct link under Event Type to admission prices for non-MV members would be useful. The 48 tram now goes down Collins St, not Flinders St - the extra walking distance might be an issue for some people. Other than that the site is friendly and easily navigated. I look forward to visiting the West Africa Exhibition.
Fay 11 November, 2010 16:34
Looks fantastic. Cant wait