A Worthwhile Enterprise

The Migrant Hostel in Springvale

Past Event: 24 November 2008 to 13 April 2009

Enterprise Hostel postcard
Source: Visit Merchandise Pty. Ltd

Stories from the migrant hostel in Springvale.

This exhibition records the history of the hostel and the impact it made on the surrounding community of Springvale as well as on Victoria’s broader multicultural landscape.

Stories include those of migrants and refugees who were temporarily housed at the hostel, the workers who provided support and programs, and the community which embraced each new wave of newcomers.

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Ana Noriega 8 July, 2012 18:43
I was 6 and a half when I arrived in Australia in 1973 with my family.. I remember the Enterprise hostel with fond memories.... I love the postcard!!
annemsrie 2 April, 2014 14:19
Is that Ana from OAE / now Goldfields? Hi.
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