Scottish Fling Festival

Past Event: 16 November 2014

Get your kilt on with Victoria’s Scottish community at this one-day cultural festival.

Legs of Scottish dancers Source: Kara Lorgelly Photography  

From Highland dancing to haggis, bagpipes to Burns, Shetland ponies to Scottish haiku music – there’s something for the whole clan.

Piping Hot Scots

Thrill to the stirring sounds of pipe bands, traditional and contemporary folk music, and the beautiful voices of the Scottish Gaelic Choir. Admire the fancy footwork of Highland and country dancers and join the fiddle frenzy as Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club play old and new tunes, alongside Taliska, Fiona Ross & Band, Matthew Robertson and David South. Discover what Scottish haiku poetry set to music sounds like with a capella group Icon Trio. 

Hail the Haggis

Pay homage to the haggis with the Roberts Burns Club. Sink your teeth into classic haggis, black pudding, square sausage, Scotch broth, potato scones, clootie dumplings, shortbread and oat cakes, washed down with Irn-Bru or speciality teas.

Whisky Workshops

Sample the ‘water of life’ in workshops that explore the huge renaissance in the Scottish whisky industry. Nippy Sweetie Whiskies walk you through fine regional drams (additional fee and bookings required).

Tartan Up

Help us weave an entirely new kind of tartan with coloured tape on the museum walls and floor, be a part of Team Tartan led by Scottish-born artist Briony Barr. Find out all about the history of the kilt and the development of Victoria’s tartan. Wear your own kilt and tartan on the day, with traditional, creative and top-to-toe approaches rewarded!

After the Referendum

Join Edinburgh-born historian Alex Tyrrell, Honorary Research Fellow at La Trobe University, to hear about the road to the Scottish Independence referendum in the context of longer-term developments in Scottish and European history and ideas of national identity.

For the Wee Ones

Try our family crest craft activity, join in the fun of the Team Tartan group artwork... and did we mention Shetland ponies?

Shetland Ponies, Scottish Deerhounds & Mini-Golf

Join Scotland’s most famous miniatures for a selfie, a pat or a ride (gold coin donation for a ride). Come and say hello to the Royal Dog of Scotland, the deerhound. Or roll up for a round of the royal and ancient Scottish game of golf – also in miniature.

Family Tree

Explore your own clan and family roots with the Scottish Ancestry Group, Scottish Clans and the Armorial and Heraldry Society of Australasia in Association with The Scottish Knights Templar. 

Scots Wha Hae

Find out more about Scottish migration and culture in Victoria with new community exhibition Scots Wha Hae: 200 Years of Scottish Influence.

Festival developed in collaboration with the Victorian Scottish community.
Festival program supported by Victorian Multicultural Commission.


Event Type: Special Event

Sunday 16 Nov 2014
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Immigration Museum 

Festival Day entry fee:
Adults $15 (includes museum and exhibition entry)
Children, Concession and MV Members FREE

Whisky Tasting Workshops additional fee:
Adults $23 Concession $20 MV Members $20 MV Member Concession $17

Bookings – phone 131102, onsite at 400 Flinders St Melbourne or online. Book tickets early to avoid queues and disappointment – workshop spaces are limited.

Print and bring your tickets to avoid queues (we can't scan tickets from smart phones).

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Coreen Kerr 14 October, 2014 08:01
What a fantastic news letter I'm very impressed! I'm proud of my Scottish heritage & hope some day to visit Scotland & look up my Scottish history of the Kerr's I have the Kerr plaque on my wall & fridge at home. Thank you so much for sending me this fantastic email. Thank you
Lizzie Lollback 15 October, 2014 19:17
Hi Coreen, I too am a Kerr on my maternal grandmother's side. She, Elizabeth, came from Dundee and lived and worked as a domestic servant at Balmuirfield House. Her father was the reeve, game keeper. Her engagement was celebrated at Balmuir Cottage. We were lucky enough to visit Dundee in 2012 and stayed at Balmuirfield House B&B. We were so lucky to be able to visit the current owner of Balmuirfield House. He took us on a personal guided tour of his home and showed us "behind stairs" where my grandma would have worked. . . how amazing. My husband has only just discovered that he is a direct descendant of Clan Gunn, from the Orkneys on his mother, Joan Williamson's side. Following a chance meeting with his Clan Commander in 2012 at Edinburgh Airport Hilton Hotel he has been named the Clan Gunn Commissioner for Australia. . . daunting, but we are so excited at the prospect of being in such a glorious Scottish network. Please keep in touch as I value my McDonald, Farqhuarson and Kerr heritage, not to mention the Gunn connection. Go the Scots!!Lizzie
Discovery Centre 16 October, 2014 13:09
Lovely to hear from you Coreen and Lizzie.  You can definitely find out more about your Scottish ancestry at the festival on Sun 16 November, as the Scottish Ancestry Group (part of the Genealogical Society of Victoria Inc) will be there to help you get started along with many Clans and we can also help here in the on site Immigration Discovery Centre
Diane Ker 13 November, 2014 04:47
Hello Coreen.You are probably wondering who this is sending you this message.I will explain.I recently recieved an e-mail from my cousin in Melbourne with details about Scottish Fling Festival which he saw details of onVictoria museums website.He thought i would be interested as i also am a Scot,my fater being a Ker,yes only one R .I was born in Melbourne(Brighton) in 1943 but now live in Cornwall England.My father emigrate to Australia in 1928 aged 17 and worked and lived there until returning to England in 1952 with me and my mum who he had met and married whilst working in Castlemain.(she was originally from London but came to Aussie with parents aged 12yrs)I was only 6 when they returned to England.I returned to Melbourne ,first visit back since i left,and had a wonderful family reunion with family members on my mums side(Polkinghorn)My dad was from Glasgow and I have a good family tree going back to 1625 and one ancestor to the present Duke of Roxborough.I enjoyed many scottish events as members of local Scottish Association and like you have the clan plague etc.The story goes that 2 brothers of the clan could not decide on 1 or 2 Rs in the name and so one had 1r the other 2rs but we must all be related somewhere along the line.Best wishes from Cornwall Diane.
Lizzie Lollback 15 October, 2014 19:03
This sounds fantastic and we will certainly make every effort to be there. My grandparents on both sides were Scottish, my dad was born in Scotland and immigrated with his family in 1926 when he was four, Clan Farquaharson. They arrived at the port of Melbourne. Mum's family came out from Dundee early 20th century. My grandfather, John McDonald, who won the Military Medal for courage in WW1, actually joined up at Cootamundra in NSW. He brought my grandmother, Elizabeth Kerr, out from Dundee after their marriage in 1919. My husband has only recently found out that he belongs to Clan Gunn on his mother's side, Joan Williamson. Following a chance meeting in 2012 at Edinburgh Airport Hotel with his Clan Commander, he was named Commissioner for Clan Gunn, Australia in 2013. We are at present in the process of establishing this society. . . any help would be greatly appreciated. Can't wait to be part of this Gathering. All the best. Would love to have your input. Cheers Lizzie & Vince Lollback
Noelene 17 November, 2014 09:53
There is a Highland Gathering in Daylesford Victoria on December 6. It is a wonderful celebration of pipes, drums, dancers with a street parade at 9am and a festival with clan tents, scottish food, competitions and massed bands.
Stephen 6 November, 2014 14:55
I'm excited to get to see your special event this month. I have so many Scottish relations on both sides of my parents family, I'm only just discovering. From the highlands of Isle of Skye to the old Royal Burgh of Dunfermline and many other places in between. I have Wallace ancestors from Ayrshire in my tree. Scottish folk played a significant part in shaping the way Melbourne and Victoria has become such a great place to live in. I've never been to Scotland, so your event here will give me a good insight into what my Scottish ancestors might have enjoyed in life.
Peter Fleming 15 November, 2014 15:44
Looking forward to a great afternoon
Paul Huckett 16 November, 2014 07:34
We can't be there today as our first grandchild has just been born in Sydney. We spent 2 months this year in Scotland, from Edinburgh to Dunddee, a castle near Aviemore for a week,a beautiful bishops palace in Dornoch that's now a hotel, up to the Orkneys , back down to the Bannockburn Live 2014 Festival --wow, we did a lot , bought and drank a lot of whisky,ate Arbroath smokies on the beach,birdwatching at Abernethy Forest, we danced to a pipe band in Perth and finally escaped to Yorkshire for a rest !! My family includes Mackay, Lamont and Sinclair grandparents...all wild northerners .
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