Keynote: Dr Lo Bianco

Dr Lo Bianco
Dr Lo Bianco

The symposium's keynote speaker is Dr Lo Bianco, Professor of Language and Literacy Education in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. He is Immediate Past President of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

Dr Bianco's current academic research and policy activities include:

  • UNICEF Research Director, Peacebuilding, Language and Ethnicity in Malaysia, Myanmar/Burma and Thailand
  • Academic advisor, National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education at Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • Research advisor for LUCIDE, an EC project on Languages in Urban Communities, completing in 2014 a four-year research project on multilingualism at the municipal level in 12 European cities
  • Immediate Past and Inaugural President of the Tsinghua, Asia Pacific Forum on Translation and Intercultural Studies
  • 130 publications on language, policy and planning, language education, literacy, culture and identity
  • Publications in press are Aldo and the Meridian Line, a novel in the Mountain of Su Dongpo series, (with T. Hay and Y. Wang) and a volume on Language and Identity in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia (with Fethi Hilal)