What is modest fashion?

A panel discussion and Q&A

Past Event: 11 February 2014

people walking down a street
Fashion Photographer Langston Hues travels the world documenting street fashion.
Source: Langston Hues

Join Detroit photographer Langston Hues, ‘hijab stylist’ Zulfiye Tufa, and Tasneem Chopra for a special evening of fun and informal discussion about modest fashion in the modern age. 

Langston Hues (USA) is currently travelling the world to photograph stylish Muslim women’s street wear for an upcoming book called Modest Street Fashion. Modest fashion is an emerging multi-million dollar fashion industry catering to Muslim women who want to engage with contemporary fashion trends while also expressing their faith. 

During his brief visit to Melbourne, Langston will be joined by ‘hijab stylist’ Zulfiye Tufa and Tasneem Chopra (Melbourne content curator of exhibition Faith, fashion, fusion: Muslim women's style in Australia) for a discussion and Q and A at the Immigration Museum.

Please note that entry to this event is by purchase of a standard museum admission ticket, available on the door only.  Faith, fashion, fusion will be open for viewing from 5.30pm, prior to the panel discussion at 6.30pm.

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