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Man 1: It's really beautiful, it's incredibly well-displayed, beautifully lit and it's very intelligently explained. It's a triumph, it's a wonderful exhibition.

Man 2: It was lovely to see a civilisation for whose name you know, but you don't know much about it.

Man 3: It's great for kids as well, there's lots of good little interactive things and stuff too.

Boy 1: Showing what the tablets meant was rather interesting.

Woman 1: I really loved it. I think it's amazing that things like that have come from so long ago. They're so defined and yeah, the writing, where writing came from, and the tablets, and all that kind of thing was interesting, and to find the jewellery and stuff...

Boy 2: It was really good and amazing.

Woman 2: It was terrific, really good

Man 4: I loved the little, I'm not quite sure what they're called, cylinders that could roll out on clay and make an impression, they're just remarkable.

Woman 3: I think what was fantastic was the attempt to bring to life an ancient civilisation, but for me most importantly too was the connection between that ancient civilisation and the present day.

Man 1: It's actually better here than in the British Museum.

Man 5: I thought the exhibition was fantastic. I thought it was really really entertaining and really knowledgeable. To be honest I've never heard of the stuff that's in there and it was really really interesting.

Man 6: I thought it was fantastic.

Woman 4: Loved the exhibition.

Man 6: It just showed I had very little knowledge of Mesopotamia until this evening, and I've learnt a hell of a lot from this exhibition.

Man 4: Absolutely outstanding. It really blew me away and I would recommend it thoroughly.

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Visitors to The Ancient Wonders of Mesopotamia talk about their impressions of the exhibition.
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