Object: Bread

Loaf of bread
Plaster copy from carbonised original
A bakery, Pompeii

Pompeians ate bread with most meals — with fruit at breakfast, at lunch and dinner dipped in olive oil or used to sop up sauces and stews. It was hard bread, made from coarse flour. The poor couldn’t afford raised, yeasty loaves like this one; they ate unleavened bread, similar to pita bread. This carbonised loaf, found in an oven at Pompeii, must have been left untended when Vesuvius erupted.

Where was this found?
Relation to Daily Life in Pompeii

Food and dining

In today’s houses, the kitchen tends to be a central feature, often used for eating and gathering with friends as well as cooking. In contrast, Roman kitchens were small, poorly lit rooms, usually tucked away at the back of the house…

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