SmartBar at Melbourne Museum


Rebecca Carland: It’s good to see a little bit of facial hair in the crowd. You feature in the talk so stick around.

Rolf Schmidt: It’s probably 80 million years they’ve been just not having sex.

Voiceover: There’s been a lot of mystery and intrigue when it comes to Phar Lap.

Karen Rowe: Today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about mating systems in birds, why they’re so really awesome.

LM Robinson: I’m here to talk to you about sex, which should be a cue for any of you who went to the last talk that you’re in for no surprises.

Visitor: The topics sounded very interesting and amusing.

Visitor: Animal love is very interesting.

Visitor: When you think ‘insect sex’, the first thing you think of is praying mantises eating each other. It should be a good night.

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Promo for SmartBar at Melbourne Museum
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