Amazing Animals

There are over 750 spectacular animals on display at Melbourne Museum in
Wild: Amazing animals in a changing world.

 Here you can take a closer look at some of them.

African Wild Dog American Beaver American Black Bear Banded Hare-wallaby Bar-tailed Godwit Baw Baw Frog Bennett's Tree Kangaroo Blue Crane Bogong Moth Chestnut-mandibled Toucan Collared Lory Common Eider Cotton-top Tamarin Eastern Barred Bandicoot Eastern Curlew Emperor Penguin Gang-gang Cockatoo Giant Panda Golden Sun Moth Gorgeted Woodstar Great Horned Owl Indian Peafowl Indian Rhinoceros Inland Carpet Python Jaguar Javan Rhinoceros Lady Amherst's Pheasant Little Forest Bat Luzon Bleeding-heart Malleefowl Mandrill Many-coloured Fruit-dove Masked Palm Civet Mountain Pygmy-possum Nine-banded Armadillo Okapi Plains-wanderer Platypus Polar Bear Red Fox Red Kangaroo Red-necked Stint Regent Honeyeater Secretarybird Snow Leopard Snow Petrel Southern Brown Kiwi Southern Cassowary Southern Elephant Seal Squirrel Glider Striped Legless Lizard Thylacine Tree Goanna Wild Yak Wolverine Wood Duck
Photograph of a yellow plastic Tyranasaurus Rex