Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures Education Kit

The geographical position and history of Afghanistan make it an ideal starting place for the Overview study of the Year 7 history in the new Australian Curriculum. Contemporary events in Afghanistan also make a study of the history of that country particularly important.

The objects on display in Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum of Kabul exhibition capture the unique and rich culture of a country that was at the heart of the ancient Silk Road trading routes and demonstrate how artworks can reflect the beliefs, values and traditions of the different cultures that influenced each other along those routes.

These materials are part of a suite of resources produced by Melbourne Museum to support the teaching of Ancient History and the importance of archaeological research as historical method.

See also materials for A Day in Pompeii, Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs and the Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia in this series. Visit Learning Lab for more ancient history resources.

ResourceFile type & size
Exhibition overview PDF, 799Kb
Year 7 History PDF, 909Kb
Year 9 Geography PDF, 569Kb
Year 11 Global Politics PDF, 428Kb
Year 9 Art PDF, 366Kb
Year 11 Art PDF, 507Kb

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Photograph of a yellow plastic Tyranasaurus Rex